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You may be surprised how many times per day people search for free stuff  on the internet, it ranges from free baby gifts to holidays and ipads.

there are many stories on the Internet telling stories of freebies being given but in reality is this the case and really how easy is it to get your hands on these so called freebies? there are also stories of people on the Internet that have fallen short of receiving freebies ,people who have spent a lot of time and effort on a particular site hoping to get some kind of freebie sent in the post.

these people who have no luck with receiving any freebies ,often feel that it is a scam and that all of these sites are no good , I myself have had this problem all that i got was a constant stream of emails to my inbox which is very frustrating. If however you soldier on and experience many different sites there are some that do really offer freebies, but often a survey must be completed.

I will now give you three websites that offer freebies , these in my opinion are three of the best. Totallyfreestuff, Freestufftimes and shopforfreebies, these sites do give away freebies although offers and freebies are often only on the site for a very short time so must be taken advantage of quickly, they also have ratings of the various freebies that people have left after receiving their freebies, you may also leave a comment or rating yourself.

there are many sites offering freebies out there , you just need to know where to look here are three to get you started , this site will shortly have a top ten freebie list with reviews on each one until then try out the three above and also try a few more sites , please leave your comments on this site .

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